ThoughtSpot has revolutionized access to analytics for business users through search and AI. In addition to being a general purpose analytics tool that allows unprecedented access to business users, product builders can now use ThoughtSpot to deliver search-based analytics to customers.

Today, we are launching a brand new SDK that allows you to embed ThoughtSpot into your own web app in literally minutes. To show you how it works, I’ll walk you through an app built using React + Typescript, but you can use whatever framework works best for you!

Live Codesandbox of what we will build today

Create React App

Start by…

Disclaimer: No JS libraries or frameworks were created or used while writing this article.

ES6 generators are awesome! .. says who ? Tech blogs, medium articles, developer videos, well anyone who wants to be cool.

What are generators ? Quoting MDN: “Generators are functions which can be exited and later re-entered. Their context (variable bindings) will be saved across re-entrances.” There are a number of articles written on this, I choose not to reinvent the wheel, and encourage you to read up about generators if you do not already know their physics.

Koa, redux-saga and a bunch of other libraries…

A UX problem with search is quick feedback. A user does not know what results she is going to see until she hits Return. But what if we had something like this :

Tokenization while searching
  • The UI interactions. (Caret position and all those ‘fun’ things)
  • Maintain a big FSM representing tokeninzation metadata.

Lets talk about the second one first, Most of the current libraries assume that the token information is synchronously available. Now the problem with that is you cannot have the full state machine regarding tokens of a search on the client, depending on the limits of your system it could…

One of the harder problems that chatbot developers face is how to maintain the context of conversation. While all the popular frameworks provide an opinionated take on how to maintain this context, none of them seem to be either simple or complete.

At ThoughtSpot we built Spot, a bot to get insights into your data. We used a reactive approach to maintain the conversation context.

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